Oct 122011

H-D #1233-33, 27228-33

 Linkert Air Intake Lever

These Thumb Choke Levers, also known as Air Intake Levers, were used on vintage Harley Davidson® motorcycles that did not use an air cleaner.  Each lever is Made In the USA, and hand tested for fit and reliability.  They truly are an exact replica of the original.

1233-33 Thumb Choke Levers fit the following Harley Davidson® motorcycles:
1933 – 1952 45″ Big Twins except for the 1941 – 1943 WLA and WLC
1933 – 1948 74″ and 80″ Big Twin Side Valve Motors
1953 – 1954 Servi Cars.

They also fit the following Linkert M Series Carburetors:

To read more about Linkert M Series Carburetors check out our Tech Article – Rebuilding M Linkert Carburetors (Service Shop Dope 1942 and 1949, added 05/28/04)
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Oct 062011

1927 - 1031 Linkert - Schebler Carb Cover - Air Intake Cap - 1229-27
This is an exact replica of the original Air Intake Caps for the 1927 – 1931 Harley Davidson Big Twins.  Manufactured from a NOS, (new old stock), original out of 4140 Chromoly high carbon steel and nickel plated, every part is hand tested for fit on the Schebler and Linkert M Model carburetors.

To our knowledge, this is the only part that Harley Davidson and Indian shared that was exactly the same; used on 1927 – 1929 Harley Davidson Big Twins and the 1928 – 1935 Indian Chiefs and Indian Scouts.  The only difference being the Indian part number of 100185.

1927 - 1931 Harley Davidson Air Intake Cap

There are other replicas on the market.  Yet based on experience and many antique Harley enthusiast’s opinions this is the only way to go for this item.  The 1229-27 air cover is hands down a faithful replica for your Harley Davidson or Indian restoration project.

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